It’s great to be part of a team that aims for excellence in client service. And while achieving optimal results is rewarding in and of itself, it’s always nice to be recognized by a third party for hitting the mark.

This year, Adfero received three W3 Awards in different categories. The W3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web via creative websites, videos and marketing programs.

Adfero won a gold award for branded content for a non-profit with the video Sam vs. Samantha. The video was created for, a public awareness campaign dedicated to educating mothers about important issues that will impact their families today and in the future. Our goal was to create a video message that would resonate with our target audience and compel them to share it with others. Through a process of exhaustive research, script writing, message development, casting, lighting, and editing, we are proud to have accomplished that goal.

In the web video events and live broadcasts category, Adfero earned a silver award for a UStream event coordinated on behalf of American Airlines Cargo. The live event, viewed by nearly 10,000 online users, aimed to raise awareness among supply chain businesses, associations and media nationwide regarding the Transportation Security Administration’s 100-percent screening mandate for air cargo following the attacks on September 11th. The live stream featured a panel of industry leaders and encouraged businesses to complete the TSA’s screening certification program, which saw a four-fold increase in applications following the event.

And finally, Adfero received a silver award in the video remixes/mash-ups with the “Shopaholic” video for Know-Y, a public awareness campaign focused on issues impacting the millennial generation. No actors were used in the creation of the video; rather, we created a mash-up of old footage from the Department of the Treasury and cleverly interwove some facts and figures of how Washington is currently spending tax dollars. We were extremely pleased with the number of views that the video received and the subsequent interactions that took place on Know-Y’s social media properties.

Our team is thrilled to have led these efforts in collaboration with our clients. Here’s to another year of generating results.