SEO: Content Really is King

by Darren Scher

There are a variety of factors when it comes to getting your website highly ranked in search engines. However, the most important part of SEO has always been content. Content is king when it comes to search results. Yes, there are other tools and factors involved, but they are all secondary to your content and how your visitors are using / sharing that content.

When developing content for your site, you should be thinking of SEO and asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is this content relevant and high quality?
  • Is this content unique and potentially engaging?
  • Are the keywords you want people to search for actually in your content?
  • Will visitors want to look for other related content on your site?
  • Will visitors want to share your site’s content?
  • Do you have up-to-date content?

The reason you have to ask yourself these questions is because you have to understand what purpose search engines are serving. The goal of search engines is to find the most relevant information for their users as quickly as possible. Search engines are going to try to become smarter and smarter in order to try and stay one step ahead of the hackers, phishers and spammers out there trying to take advantage of the system. Below is an interesting video produced by Google to help individuals understand the history and future of the search engine.


At the end of the day though, no matter what advances search engines make, content will always remain the key to SEO.