Revitalizing the Annual Report with Digital

While an organization’s annual report is one of the most important documents it releases each year, relatively few have taken advantage of a digital format to present their data. Infographics, interactive charts, video – all of these engaging digital elements can turn a report into an experience. A photo with a pull-quote can get an important message across, but video testimony from one of your stakeholders is undoubtedly more powerful.

Back in 2013, Adfero CEO Jeff Mascott pointed out that there is an opportunity for organizations to release their annual reports online in an interactive format.

“Not only is an online annual report more accessible to a much wider range of audiences, it is significantly easier to reference and search in digital form,” wrote Mascott. “And, unlike printed reports, digital documents cannot get misplaced. The digital format also allows organizations to tailor content to different audiences.”

This year, Adfero worked with the American Health Care Association (AHCA) to produce two interactive annual reports: one for AHCA itself, and one for its subsidiary, the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). Both reports take advantage of compelling and digestible content, rich visuals, and a format that invites users to explore further. The websites are fully responsive, making them easy to view on any device.

Last year, we also helped the U.S. Travel Associationbuild their annual report. The interactive experience mimics the design of the printed piece and creates a compelling narrative that prioritizes U.S. Travel’s accomplishments and successes throughout the year. It has a clean look and feel that allows viewers to easily follow a visual story of U.S. Travel’s 2014 efforts.

We are honored to have worked on these innovative reports with AHCA and US Travel.