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Adam Ontiveros-Oberg

Media Relations Strategist

“Hey, did you hear about…” is how Adam starts most of his conversations. Operating in a crowded media landscape, he keeps a close beat on the news of the day to engage with the press and tell stories.

As an earned media specialist, he works to build trust with his clients. Across several account teams, Adam ensures that editorial content, earned media strategies and their constituent materials are set up for success.

Previously, Adam worked at Edelman and Edelman Global Advisory. There he helped manage corporate communications work and public affairs campaigns, carrying out strategy and messaging development sessions, earned media initiatives, landscape assessments and more for clients operating in the energy, fuel and pet-chem, consumer tech,  green tech, video gaming and Web3 spaces.

Adam earned his M.S. in public relations at the Newhouse school at Syracuse University, after earning a bachelor’s degree in political science, public administration and sociology from The State University of New York at Geneseo.

Little-known fact: Adam is a passionate street and protest photographer, and is working to earn his Metro DC-Virginia soccer referee certification.