Aimee Manjarres

Aimee Manjarres

Project Manager

Aimee knows her way around a dance floor. On a typical night out, you can find her practicing her salsa or bachata - a social dance from the Dominican Republic that connects Aimee to her Hispanic roots. Whether it's a new step or old standard, she approaches them the same way: with precision and dedication. She brings that mindset to her client work.

Working on interactive, advertising, print collateral and creative projects, Aimee anticipates the needs of her team members and clients to align the moving parts of a project and create effective end products. Aimee establishes and refines processes that allow for improved team performance. As a project manager, she receives, digests and transforms project information to keep the project on track and propel it towards the final goal.

Aimee graduated from American University with a BA in Public Communications and a minor in Sociology.

Little-known fact: If you want pizza in DC, Aimee knows where to go. So much so, she has become to go-to person to place pizza orders for company happy hours and events.