Anna Leslie

Anna Leslie

Assistant Account Executive

Anna grew up battling the cold of Minnesota with wet hair—thanks to 17 years of competitive swimming. The harsh weather of the state and the intensity of the sport imparted perseverance, grit and determination. She brings those skills to each project she tackles.

Previously, Anna worked on several campaigns—gubernatorial, senatorial and presidential—in political fundraising. She balanced big workloads and even bigger goals to fund election efforts. She channels that efficiency into her role as an Assistant Account Executive, multitasking on internal projects and supporting clients in the health care and energy spaces.

Anna graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in Government and a concentration in American Politics.

Little-known fact: Had it not been for the TV show “The West Wing,” Anna may have headed to veterinary school. She has since satisfied her passion for pets by adopting her kitten, Pippa.