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Deion Maith

Junior Project Manager

Deion is committed to being a lifelong learner. His peers consider him a Jack-of-All-Trades, and while he wouldn’t call himself a master of anything, he makes the most of every opportunity in life. Deion knows there is always something new to be learned.

As a project manager, he brings his curious personality to his client teams. He enjoys the challenge of solving problems both internally and externally, while also making processes more efficient. Prior to joining Adfero, Deion worked in Intellectual Property law at Cooley LLP.

Deion graduated with his Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from George Mason University, where he also obtained his BA in International Studies. As an active Patriot-alumni, Deion gives back to the Mason Community through his involvement in the Black Male Success Initiative and the Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence task force and serves on the Black Alumni Chapter’s Board of Directors.

Little-known fact: Deion has traveled to nearly every U.S. state—only four left to go!