Eileen Murphy

Eileen Murphy

Account Executive

Eileen may have spent the last four years living in the “Big Easy,” but her life is far from casual. From picnicking in parks to exploring the downtown neighborhoods of a city, Eileen is always on the hunt for “that special something.” With her sense of adventure, she never shies away from something new.

As an Account Executive, Eileen supports a high-profile advocacy client managing, launching and optimizing digital advertising campaigns. Before joining Adfero, she worked at a marketing and PR agency in New Orleans, assisting Cirque du Soleil with promotional efforts for its local productions.

Eileen graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in Management with a major in Marketing and minors in Legal Studies and Psychology.

Little-known fact: Eileen is an expert pogo sticker—she can pogo stick with no hands! Her talent has earned her the nickname “Bean.”