Holly D’Zmura

Holly D’Zmura

Junior Graphic Designer

When Holly first decided to study graphic design, she did not yet know the journey it would take her on. From learning about creative style with incredible professors to hearing from such designers as Michael Bierut, she grew to see graphic design as a life-calling.

As a junior graphic designer for Adfero, Holly assists the Adfero team in brand building, conceptualizing digital engagement campaigns, illustration, and creating visually engaging narratives. She approaches her work like she approaches her life—with careful planning and a heavy dose of creativity. Previously, Holly got her start in design by working with The D.C. Independent Film Festival as their print designer for three years.

Holly graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BA in Graphic Design. She also received a certificate from the Strategic Design and Innovation Fellows program at the Smith School of Business.

Little-known Fact: Holly is very interested in tarot cards. She enjoys reading her friend’s and family’s futures. She doesn’t believe that they are always true, but sometimes they are eerily accurate.