Jordan Reabold

Jordan Reabold

Content Strategist

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” is the mantra Jordan lives by. It’s inspired her to travel to foreign countries alone, exposing her to new friends and adventures. It’s driven her to pursue challenging career opportunities and build on her strengths. And it’s the advice she gives when presenting clients with unfamiliar pathways to success.

As a content strategist, Jordan tells clients’ stories in a way that is creative enough to help brands stand out but strategic enough to reach target audiences. Adfero’s Public Affairs clients benefit from Jordan’s ability to understand their pain points and objectives, then execute a campaign with clear and persuasive messaging and calls to action. Previously, Jordan developed digital strategy and content for brands in food and beverage, energy, higher education, and technology.

Jordan graduated from Penn State University with a BA in English and minors in Tech Writing and Media Studies.

Little-known fact: Jordan has a free-range, litter-trained rabbit named Edith. She can do tricks and loves bananas.