Kevin Morales

Kevin Morales

Senior Graphic Designer

Kevin lives by a particular mantra: eat, sleep and breathe design. Driven by the fashion, architecture and music around him, Kevin captures the emotions of his environment to develop unforgettable creative experiences.

Kevin utilizes his expertise in multi-modal capabilities to solve client problems. In his role as a Senior Graphic Designer, he transforms complex ideas into actionable communications with impact. Drawing inspiration from his wide range of experiences, he combines his creativity and learned design principles to create memorable and lasting campaigns. Kevin previously worked at Maga designs and the Advisory Board Company, where he was responsible for developing concepts and materials to achieve his clients’ marketing and content goals.

Kevin graduated from James Madison University with a BFA in Graphic Design. He is also a member of Kappa Pi, an International Art Honor Fraternity, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Little-known fact: Kevin is a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead” and has amassed a collection of more than 50 pair of shoes. This number is likely outdated by now.