Lianna Serko

Lianna Serko

Account Executive

Lianna is tenacious. She moved across the country twice to pursue her professional goals—first to work in the fast-paced tech startup world, then to dive into the world of public affairs. Recently, her desire to get involved in political communications and women’s rights advocacy spurred her to move to DC to go to graduate school. Her determined mindset drives her to never stop pushing herself or her team.

At Adfero, Lianna works on external communications for a Department of Homeland Security program. This allows her to combine her interests in politics and government with her love of writing. Whether it’s writing a blog post or crafting a series of tweets, Lianna loves communicating important information in a way that stakeholders can easily understand. Previously, Lianna did brand and content marketing at Graphiq, a data-focused tech startup.

Lianna graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Communication and Public Service and minors in Political Science and Hispanic Studies. She is currently obtaining her MPS in Political Management from George Washington University.

Little known fact: Lianna was a varsity pole vaulter in high school, so don’t challenge her to an arm wrestle!