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Olivia Northrop

Project Manager

Olivia believes you can do anything you set your mind to. It’s what pushed her to become one of the first three-year graduates of her college, live abroad in four different countries and buy a condo in one of the most competitive markets ever seen in DC. Once she makes up her mind, she makes it happen.

As a project manager, Olivia uses her “get it done” attitude to ensure her teams have the tools they need to succeed. Olivia takes a risk-informed approach to project management—developing processes to prepare teams for the unexpected and empowering them to face challenges head on. Before joining Adfero, Olivia worked as a lead consultant at ABS Group where she supported various government clients with risk analysis and project management.

Olivia graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies with an MA in Global Risk. She received her BA in Government with a minor in French from Hamilton College.

Little-known fact: Olivia loves to travel hack, always plotting the best way to use her points and miles.