Olivia Weese

Olivia Weese

Account Executive

Olivia doesn’t run from a challenge; she’s ambitious. After only one semester of Spanish, she studied abroad in Spain. From coaching high school lacrosse throughout college to completing her Masters program in just ten months, this mindset serves her well in her personal life and professional work.

As an Account Executive, Olivia works on Adfero’s largest public-sector account with the Department of Homeland Security. Olivia creates trainings to promote employee development and supports the team with content creation. Before joining Adfero, Olivia worked in small business engagement at Yelp.

Olivia graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Jewish Studies before obtaining her MA in Management—with a focus in marketing and branding—from Wake Forest University’s School of Business.

Little-known fact: Olivia is the youngest of six siblings.