Sarah Reinke-Dejak

Sarah Reinke-Dejak

Vice President

Sarah is a competitor. She played goalie for her college soccer team. Her experience conditioned her to look at obstacles as opportunities and new way to challenge herself.

As a vice president at Adfero, Sarah makes impact and end results her priority. She executes, optimizes and equips her clients with the most innovative digital advertising strategies possible. Sarah has been in the world of digital advertising since the start, beginning her career as a Digital Communications Specialist at Billy Casper Golf Management. While there, she contributed to a website relaunch, social media campaigns and marketing and communication strategies.

Sarah graduated from American University with a BA in Strategic Communications and a minor in Marketing.

Little-known fact: Sarah has a knack for impressions, and her most notable happens to be a rendition of Cher's hit single, "Believe."