//GMAC: Boosting the GMAT Exam

The GMAT® Exam has long enjoyed its position as the market leader among graduate business school admissions tests. However, both business schools and their applicants have started turning to other exams – or no exam at all. As a result, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) – which owns and administers the GMAT exam – needed new messaging and materials to reposition the GMAT as not just the only exam, but the best exam for graduate business admissions.

GMAC turned to Adfero to develop core messaging and a suite of marketing collateral to set the GMAT apart from its newfound competitors. To do this, we zeroed in on GMAT’s key differentiator: its exclusive purpose – predicting an applicant’s success in business school. We developed key messaging and a creative approach that highlighted two things:

  • For schools, the exam’s proven success at delivering a pipeline of qualified applicants who are committed to attending graduate business programs
  • For students, how choosing to take the GMAT demonstrates seriousness in their application

We then used this foundational messaging to create a user-friendly landing page, bold email template, streamlined brochure, and concise one-page fact sheet. The result? GMAC’s marketing team entered their busy season – for the first time in the exam’s history – armed with materials that reinforce the GMAT’s superiority over other options.