//International Franchise Association: @OurFranchise

Whether you walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts in Washington, D.C. or Fresno, California, you can expect a consistent experience: the coffee tastes the same and you can order your favorite donut seamlessly. These experiences are familiar by design – that’s the beauty of the franchise business model. But that same consistency often overshadows the local, independent business owners who make franchising an American economic success story.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) faces legislative, regulatory and perception challenges because policymakers, media, and the public often fail to understand the franchising model and its benefits. IFA turned to Adfero to create an industry reputation campaign that highlights the impact of franchising on local communities and the national economy.

Adfero envisioned a campaign that would reveal the faces behind the familiar brands. To do this, Adfero developed a long-term strategic communication campaign, @OurFranchise, that rallies a community of franchise owners to tell stories of success and opportunity.

We conducted first-person interviews to tell the stories of real franchise owners, and we built a robust campaign website to showcase them. We established and grew @OurFranchise's social media presence to foster this industry community and share powerful economic data and personal stories with decision makers and influencers.

Since its launch in June of 2016, @OurFranchise has told the story of more than 20 people behind franchises across America and reached more than 1.6 million policymakers, media, industry stakeholders, franchisees and franchise employees.

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