//GMAC: Uncovering a world of career possibilities for potential MBA students

A graduate management degree such as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can lead to many different career paths, not just the chief financial officer of a corporation as many people think. That’s what the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) wanted to communicate to those considering pursuing these degrees and why they asked us to help.

GMAC knew they wanted some sort of interactive tool to allow people to see the many career possibilities that a graduate management degree such as an MBA can afford. We approached this task with the goal of keeping users immersed in the career discovery process as fully as possible to capture their interest in potentially pursuing these degrees.

Rather than incorporating into the tool a set of simply linear questions, we came up with a more exploratory style to keep users engaged longer and offer as many career options as possible. In addition, we built a tool that would be equally relevant for users who are just beginning to explore the idea of a graduate management degree as for those who are further along in their search, significantly maximizing engagement opportunities.

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