An Integrated Approach to Fueling America’s Clean Energy Future

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA)

The Ask

Elevate energy solutions in a crowded climate conversation.

America is searching for long-term solutions to its shared energy challenges. At a time of rising gas prices, environmental concerns and volatile global energy markets, these solutions are needed now more than ever.

The market is heavily saturated with proposed energy and climate solutions, yet one critical option is often left out of the conversation: ethanol. Produced from corn grown on farms throughout the country, ethanol is a renewable fuel that helps advance America’s energy, environmental and economic goals. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) needed an integrated strategy to elevate ethanol in the climate conversation, educate audiences on the benefits of this homegrown fuel and influence policymakers to prioritize it as a solution.

Strategic Approach

Position NCGA as experts and ethanol as a policy solution through an integrated, surround-sound approach.

Adfero helped NCGA create a proactive, positive narrative for ethanol through an integrated, surround-sound approach. By leveraging educational messages and well-rounded storytelling across earned and paid media, Adfero positioned NCGA as a go-to resource and the expert on energy and climate issues and solutions.

Through an integrated campaign, NCGA successfully reached a Beltway audience of policymakers, Congressional staffers, industry influencers and media, with solutions-focused messaging, key policy priorities and impactful thought leadership pieces. By engaging this tuned-in audience, NCGA’s voice in the energy and climate conversation elevated.


Multi-channel success bolstering NCGA as a leader.

Adfero’s strategy and execution allowed NCGA to secure six op-ed placements in local, national and industry publications, including the Washington Examiner, FOX Business and RealClearEnergy, reaching more than 14 million readers and bolstering thought leadership.

Through television and radio satellite tours, NCGA secured national broadcast media engagement, reaching an audience of more than 50 million individuals nationwide and in key priority states. Additionally, a coordinated television segment with Sinclair Broadcast Group featured NCGA expertise on the positive impact of ethanol on gas prices and aired 70 times across 48 stations throughout the country.

Through paid advertising campaigns, NCGA served about 49 million impressions and garnered more than 1.6 million results in the first 10 months of the campaign. Key components to increasing NCGA’s visibility across Beltway publications—such as Axios, POLITICO and RealClearEnergy—include:

With a focus on storytelling and high-impact visibility, Adfero helped NCGA become a leader in the conversation and educate key audiences to move forward our nation’s energy goals.

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