A Surround-Sound Approach to Digital


The Ask 

Build brand recognition with a U.S. audience. 

Building a strong brand requires constant engagement with key audiences. To continue increasing its U.S. brand recognition, UCB, a Brussels-based biopharmaceutical company, needed to maintain awareness levels among influential audiences in a cluttered healthcare space to ensure it was top of mind in relevant conversations. 

Strategic Approach 

Engage audiences with consistent content and a multi-pronged digital campaign. 

Adfero helped evolve UCB’s surround-sound advertising approach to more efficiently and effectively engage key stakeholders and ensure a constant awareness of UCB’s brand narrative and commitment to patients. Adfero proposed and implemented the “hum, sing, shout” approach, which allowed UCB to maintain a consistent presence among its most critical audiences with a steady “hum” of content. It would also ensure the company would shine during “sing” and “shout” moments, because its brand and mission were already recognized by target audiences.  


Successfully elevated UCB in the health space through digital campaigning. 

As a result of the ongoing “hum” campaigns, audiences engaged 2.5x more with UCB content during “sing” and “shout” moments. Utilizing a multi-channel approach, this always-on initiative ensures UCB is a familiar organization that needs no reintroduction during critical moments. We have also elevated UCB’s U.S. brand as an influencer in conversations specific to priority tentpole moments through brand recognition, social reach, and influence. In 2021, @UCBUSA was a top influencer in 10 Twitter conversations, including hashtags related to Rare Disease Week, Mental Health Awareness Month, and Psoriasis Action Month. UCB also won International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Atlanta Chapter Golden Flame awards for two of its social media programs including, “An ‘Always On’ Approach to Digital Brand Presence” and “Attracting Top Talent Through Social Media.” 

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