September 2022

The Power of Smart Brevity

Adfero Hosts Axios Founders on First Book Tour Stop.

On September 21, our team welcomed Jim VandeHeiRoy Schwartz and Mike Allen, co-founders of Axios, to the Adfero office to discuss their book Smart Brevity, The Power of Saying More With Less. Jim, Roy and Mike shared tips and best practices for employing Smart Brevity in every form of communication. 

In Focus

Throughout the discussion, Jim, Roy and Mike shared their journey to launching Axios, how they grew the organization and expanded its mission, and the process of co-authoring a book together. Smart Brevity is a communications formula rooted in every message that Axios communicators deploy, and it’s one you can use too.

Here’s What We Learned

  1. Keep the audience first. With everything you write, view your message through the audience’s lens. Ensure what you’re saying is geared toward their interests and communication style.
  2. Just put it at the top. Lead with the lede by sharing the most important information first. This includes the who, what, when, where and why of what you’re communicating. Don’t make your reader search.
  3. Short, not shallow. Brevity is best. Smart Brevity is even better. Getting your message across meaningfully and in fewer words can help you communicate clearly and crisply.
Adero Smart Brevity Event - Jim VandeHei, Roy Schwartz and Mike Allen, co-founders of Axios stand with their book Smart Brevity, The Power of Saying More With Less

People watching a panel by the founders of Axios.

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