Amber Hord

Amber Hord

Account Supervisor

Whether it’s a Kandinsky painting or the latest augmented-reality device, Amber wants to know more about it. She is a cultural consumer who is always on the hunt for new ways to experience the world, leading her to new ideas, spaces and places.

Amber’s fascination with society and innovation serves her well as an account supervisor, where she dives into her clients' challenges in search of a unique approach to accomplish their goals. She lives outside the box and prides herself on finding creative ways to get her point across. Before joining Adfero, Amber worked for Senator Chuck Schumer as a Deputy Regional Director in her hometown of Rochester, NY.

Amber graduated from McGill University with a BA in English Literature and Cultural Anthropology.

Little-known fact: Amber has been to 48 of the 50 states. The only two she’s missing: Hawaii and Alaska. She hopes to check them off the list soon.