Bridget Connolly

Bridget Connolly

Account Supervisor

Bridget thrives on connection – with her clients, with her colleagues and with the communities she empowers. As a middle child, she has a lifetime of experience building relationships.

A passion for service guides Bridget’s career. She delivers accessible, evidence-based communications to create stronger, healthier, and safer environments for young people. Bridget keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest research and breaking news, seeks innovative ways to reach her audience and strives to know her clients’ needs before they do.

Throughout Bridget's career, she has gained experience in both the non-profit and agency spaces with a focus on mental health and substance use. She is proud of the work she's done on campaigns and advocacy issues including fentanyl education, medication-assisted treatment, mental health parity and kids’ online safety.

Bridget graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Government & Politics.

Little-known fact: Bridget aims to read one book a week … with varying success, but she is known as a regular at the D.C. Public Library.