Celine May Salvino

Celine May Salvino

Graphic Designer

Celine spent much of her life traveling up and down the East Coast — from Jersey City to Philadelphia, Gaithersburg to Tampa. Experiencing a variety of environments at a young age developed her eye for design. She embraced curiosity, adaptability and adventure.

As a graphic designer, Celine puts intention behind her visual creations. Her interest in design thinking helps her craft meaningful work for Adfero’s clients, while her love for typography elevates client messages to reach their audience. Prior to Adfero, Celine worked in New York City at Ideas On Purpose, where she helped expand their brand and supported clients like United Technologies’ (now Raytheon), Dominion Energy, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Celine graduated from The University of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design, and a focus in Web Design. She is also a member of the American Institution of Graphic Arts.

Little-known fact: Celine collects Chinese fortune cookies and has plans to fill up a 20"x20” canvas with the fortunes.