Chandler Farrell

Chandler Farrell

Account Supervisor

Chandler believes you need to lean into your edges to truly learn and grow. Sometimes doing things that feel a bit uncomfortable can be a huge opportunity to propel yourself forward. This mindset has led Chandler to challenge herself and take risks throughout the years, like enrolling in improv classes in college and moving to Washington, D.C. for a job in 2018 (a city quite unfamiliar to her at the time). She strives to quiet thoughts of potential failure by embracing the uneasiness of life, empowering her to make bold decisions both personally and professionally.

As an account supervisor, Chandler applies this attitude to her day-to-day tasks to deliver high-quality work for clients. Whether it’s using out-of-the-box thinking to create compelling campaigns, digging into research, new trends and analytics to advise on communications strategies or brainstorming layouts that provide the optimal user experience for web design projects, Chandler will do whatever it takes to deliver impactful results.

Chandler has grown up with Adfero, starting as an intern shortly after graduating college. Before Adfero, she worked at a casting company learning the ins-and-outs of the casting process, which included observing commercial auditions for several big-name brands, like Apple and Gerber. Prior to that, she interned at a Chicago-based boutique PR, event, social and marketing firm.

Chandler graduated with honors from the University of Missouri with a BA in Communication and a minor in Theatre.

Little-known fact: Chandler was born on September 21, 1994, one day before the first episode of the popular sitcom Friends premiered. So, no, she was not named after the late Matthew Perry’s beloved character, Chandler Bing, but they do share some things in common, like his tendency to make jokes when uncomfortable.