Darren Scher

Darren Scher

20 years at Adfero
20+ years in Public Affairs and Strategic Communications
PR Team Leader of the Year Finalist

Darren is a builder. He helped mold Adfero into the vibrant, values-driven company it is today. Whether onboarding a new teammate, developing a new industry practice area or growing the firm’s office footprint, Darren brings thoughtful insight, inspiration and motivation to all he does.

Darren, who joined Adfero in 2005, has worn many hats to help grow Adfero into the strategic communications and public affairs firm it is today. He served as Adfero’s Director of Interactive Services, building the firm’s web development capabilities, and later, chief operating officer, where he led day-to-day business operations. He is known among Adfero staff and longtime clients and friends of the firm as a champion of Adfero’s often touted core purpose: To create opportunities for people to do what they do best.

Darren is a graduate of Caldwell University and holds an M.A. in Political Management from The George Washington University. PR Week recognized his hard work in 2012 by naming him a finalist for“PR Team Leader of the Year.” Darren lives in Arlington with his wife Lynn, their son, Grant and their daughter, Rose.

Little-known fact: Before coming to D.C. for graduate school, Darren spent two years teaching high school history.