Hayley Dashiell

Hayley Dashiell

Senior Account Executive

Hayley is a people person. She sees human relationships as the basis for all communications. Whether she’s updating a client or organizing a dinner party with friends, she uses her interpersonal strengths to build connections.

As a senior account executive, Hayley is a liaison between her team and other parties, managing the development and coordination of health and public affairs projects. She uses problem-solving, flexibility and stellar communication skills to ensure everything moves smoothly both internally and externally for clients. Before joining Adfero, Hayley worked at Washington Intern Student Housing, where she revitalized their marketing program and managed their client communications. Prior to that role, she worked at Fulcrum Properties Group and the American Chemistry Council.

Hayley graduated from Ohio University with a BS in News and Information Journalism. 

Little-known fact: Hayley loves to cook, especially for friends and family. She even has an Instagram account just for pictures of her culinary creation.