Maggie Allard

Maggie Allard

Vice President

Maggie is a go-getter—plain and simple. When faced with a challenge, she takes charge to solve the problem. Whether it’s crafting a communications strategy or selecting the perfect wine pairing, she gets results.

As a vice president, Maggie leads her teams to unique solutions through creative, written and digital efforts. She excels at managing a diverse array of projects and building strong relationships with her clients.

Previously, Maggie worked as an account director at Subject Matter with clients in the economic development, broadcast, housing and transportation spaces. Prior to that role, Maggie supported marketing and PR at O’Keeffe and Company.

Maggie graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Marketing Management and a minor in International Business.

Little-known fact: Maggie has a fear of sports mascots but once had to serve as "HokieBird" for the day.