A Culture Defined By Values

By Rebecca Alderson, Director of Human Resources

At Adfero, our approach to culture is uncomplicated: set core values and live by them.


Recently, our team participated in an anonymous survey, and the results reinforce our goal to cultivate a healthy company culture. 100% of our team members are engaged—97% being highly engaged and 3% being moderately engaged. Employees shared:

"The Adfero culture - our core values and how we instill them on a regular basis on each team - makes it a great place to work. They are not just words on our website but behaviors that we talk about and expect of each other each and every day."

"Adfero is the only place I've worked where every employee has a seat at the table, decisions are made with input across the board and communicated clearly, and each employee is valued individually and as part of the overall company. I feel seen, heard, and valued as an Adfero employee. Employees aren't seen as a cog in the wheel, but are respected for their individuality and treated with respect."

"Transparency and trust are core pillars of how Adfero operates. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, across all levels of the organization."

Here's how we approach our core values to nurture and evolve our culture.

  • harambee

    Harambee. We all pull together.

    Culture depends on everyone.

    Culture is a shared responsibility. You don’t need a C-suite title to be a leader or make an impact in an organization. Give everyone the opportunity to add to the culture, build relationships and establish trust. At Adfero, what you give is what you get. If you ask for help, it will be answered—just like if you extend a hand to others, rest assured they will return the favor.

  • learn

    Learn from mistakes. Strive to improve.

    Make space for growth.

    Create an environment that embraces curiosity. At Adfero, we bring an entrepreneurial mindset to everything we do. We’re not afraid to take risks and try new things, because we know we can learn from the outcome.

  • results

    Be responsible for results.

    Be clear with expectations.

    Define the specific behaviors connected to your values and communicate them to your team regularly. At Adfero, we teach these behaviors to new hires their first week on the job; create goals that align with these expectations in every performance review; and find opportunities to model behaviors in one-on-one and group interactions.

  • dignity

    Respect the dignity of each person and the abilities of every individual.

    Reinforce culture at every opportunity.

    Show your culture’s value through company-wide meetings, individual and team shout-outs, diverse recruitment practices, robust and inclusive onboarding programs, frequent feedback and more. At Adfero, in addition to direct managers, we assign each new hire a peer to shadow and learn from when it comes to the informal behaviors and norms that contribute to company culture.


Our Adfero team is unwavering in our expectations and demands for a culture that serves both our people and our business. With the purpose to create opportunities for people to do what they do best, at Adfero we provide a values-based culture that supports them to do just that. 




Rebecca Alderson leads the HR function at Adfero and possesses a special interest in building retention strategies and organizational planning. Learn from the rest of our team here.

Rebecca Alderson

About the Author

As director of Human Resources, Rebecca leads all components of the function to recruit, manage and develop the people at Adfero. Utilizing her strengths at building interpersonal relationships, she fosters company culture through individualized mentorship and professional development programs. Additionally, Rebecca guides company-wide initiatives and organizational planning.

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