April 2023

Adfero Briefing: A Digital-First Approach to Fair Reporting

Adfero Sits Down with Joe Ruffolo of The Hill and NewsNation Digital

On May 23, Joe Ruffolo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Hill and NewsNation Digital, joined Amos Snead, Adfero president, for a virtual briefing on what’s new for the non-partisan news outlet and what consumers can expect from its 2024 election coverage.

In Focus

Throughout the discussion, Ruffolo shared insights into leveraging video and digital storytelling, preparing for the upcoming presidential election, combatting misinformation and adapting to an evolving media landscape. 


  1. Appealing to a “thumb-friendly” audience. Multimedia and short-form clips are critical to sharing today’s news and the decisions happening in Washington, especially with an audience of quick scrollers. Adapting these features to serve the changing media landscape and the heightened usage of mobile devices is just as vital.
  2. Demand remains for “the whole story.” Story selection can often be viewed as left-leaning or right-leaning, but The Hill and NewsNation tell stories in non-partisan ways with breadth and unbiased coverage on what’s happening in the world. There’s a growing demand for not just hearing “this part of the story” or “that part of the story,” but rather, “the whole story.”
  3. Approach the big news from as many angles as possible. As the decisions and conversations happening on Capitol Hill continue to take new heights, it’s important to look at the specific stories impacting the top news of the day in Washington. With a focus on fair reporting, The Hill and NewsNation test out different approaches to effectively sharing this news with audiences.

Watch the full Adfero Briefing with Joe Ruffolo any time here on LinkedIn.

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