April 2023

Adfero Briefing: Media Confidence and Consumption in a Changing Landscape

Adfero Convenes Communications and Media Experts Ahead of National Press Foundation Awards Dinner

Ahead of the National Press Foundation’s (NPF) annual awards dinner on February 23, our team welcomed Eleanor Hawkins of AxiosJulia Manchester of The Hill, and Mosheh Oinounou, founder of Mo News, to the Adfero office to participate in a panel on media confidence and consumption. Eleanor, Julia and Mosheh shared best practices for pitch writing, strategies for combatting misinformation and more, followed by the annual celebration of NPF’s mission to “make good journalists better.” 

In Focus

Throughout the midday discussion, Eleanor, Julia and Mosheh shared their experiences navigating various sectors of the media, how the landscape has evolved—and continues to evolve—since launching their careers, and how communicators can effectively consume media to craft meaningful messaging.

Events Recap Panel

That night, the Adfero team gathered with the country’s best journalists for NPF’s annual journalism awards dinner to celebrate the best journalists in the business, with Adfero President Amos Snead serving as chair. One of Adfero’s panelists, Mosheh, was selected for the NPF Chairman’s Citation.

Events Recap NPF Dinner

A Few Key Takeaways

  1. Sending a pitch? Know your audience. Consider how a reporter may draft a story in response to your pitch as you craft it. Be sure to consider the outlet or individual you’re targeting and make clear “in the first two sentences” why what you have to say matters.
  2. Have a plan to combat misinformation. Misinformation is a growing issue in communications. Consider now how your organization will respond if impacted as part of your crisis planning.
  3. Keep Your Media Consumption Diverse. Don’t forget local news in your media diet, and keep in mind that consumers increasingly show that they trust specific individuals over media brands as they consume media.

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Eleanor Hawkins, Communications Strategist and Writer at Axios

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Julia Manchester, Political Reporter at The Hill

Mosheh Oinounou, Founder of Mo News