September 2023

Adfero Briefing: 2024 Elections and the Media Landscape

Insights from Axios’ Nick Johnston

On September 19, our team welcomed Nick Johnston, publisher of Axios, to the Adfero office to discuss breaking through the noise of today’s crowded media environment during the presidential election cycle.

In Focus

Throughout the discussion, Nick touched on how communicators and those in the C-Suite can prepare now to position themselves and their teams for success in an election year, plus, how local coverage and conversations provide an opportunity for communicators to authentically engage their audience.

Here’s What We Learned

  1. Authenticity is a powerful tool. Authentic leaders break through the noise. Brands and thought leaders who currently stand apart aren’t afraid to engage and connect with their target audience directly. Don’t shy away from being honest, as it can help build trust with your audience. 
  2. Zero in on the local conversations. Americans expect to be inundated with national news coverage during a presidential election cycle. Stand out by connecting your priorities to their neighborhood. Finding stories about the leaders, small businesses and discussions happening in the local communities you serve is key to effectively reaching audiences with interesting, useful and educational news.
  3. Proactively plan when to engage. Not everything requires an organizational response. With careful planning, you can guide your organization’s responses in the moment. Don’t wait until an emergency—develop your organization’s playbook now to outline key issues and practices. Use this as your guide to determine when to engage.
Photo of panel attendees

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