February 2024

Conversations with Adfero: Media Partnerships for a Successful Communication Strategy

Adfero Sits Down with Media Experts Ahead of National Press Foundation Awards Dinner

Ahead of the National Press Foundation’s (NPF) annual awards dinner on February 15, our team welcomed Nick Johnston of AxiosJulia Manchester of The Hill TV and Mosheh Oinounou of Mo News to the Adfero office for a conversation on impactful media relations and partnerships.

Photo of Nick Johnston, Julia Machester, and Mosheh Oinounou

In Focus

Moderated by Amos Snead, President of Adfero and Chair of NPF’s executive committee, the panel shared insights on crafting a compelling story that reaches the right audience, conveying the value of communications and media partnerships within an organization, creating and sustaining the right media partnerships, and more.

A Few Key Takeaways

  1. The best conversations occur when you’re comfortable. When preparing to meet with the media, take time to practice and lay the foundation for an authentic, unscripted discussion. Relax and imagine you’re having a conversation with friends or colleagues at a dinner party—when you’re comfortable in your own skin, the most effective and engaging conversation will follow.
  2. Be proactive and build relationships with journalists before a crisis occurs. If the first call you or your company makes is during a crisis, it’s too late. Connect with the media now, position yourself as the expert and your organization as a resource, and make a point to actively invest in this partnership.
  3. If you don’t embrace artificial intelligence (AI), someone else will. AI is here and we can’t resist it. Discover ways your organization can leverage the benefits of AI while at the same time making a point to do what AI can’t – attend a press conference, meet with sources in-person, and gather compelling quotes and anecdotes. Remember, trust but verify.
  4. Being aware of new and unique platforms isn’t enough – you must know how to communicate on them. Whether it’s the rise of TikTok, the rebrand of X, the launch of Instagram Threads or whatever the next big thing may be, go further than simply researching this new channel. Learn about the audiences who use the platform and the type of content that performs well and resonates with these individuals. Then, build off this to create a strategic approach for pushing out immediate and authentic messages tailored to the platform.
Photo of panel attendees

Keep in Touch with Our Panelists

Nick Johnston, Axios Publisher

Julia Manchester, Political Reporter and Host at The Hill TV

Mosheh Oinounou, Founder of Mo News