The 3 Digital Trends Following Us Into 2024

By Maggie Allard, Vice President, Energy and Sustainability Practice Lead

Digital communication is rapidly evolving as new technologies emerge, data protection policies change and information consumption habits shift. 2023 welcomed plenty of trends — from new platforms like Threads to artificial intelligence (AI) marketing dominating the conversation. So which trends will continue their rise in 2024? We have our predictions:

1. AI for Smart Campaigns

AI has been around for years but seems to have reached peak buzz in 2023 with its impact on marketing, content and even Hollywood. AI is here for the long haul – creating efficiencies and improving personalization – so the time is now to embrace it and understand how to use its tools and technologies to your advantage.

  • research


    Using AI to pull in supporting research, landscape analysis and competitor information can save communicators time and reduce hassle when developing a campaign. Alternatively, your key targets use this same technology to influence their decisions so a steady drumbeat of content to inject your POV and proof points into the conversation ensures AI is pulling the most well rounded and up-to-date messaging for your target audiences.

  • data-insights

    Data and Insights

    AI tools can be used to sort and pull data to help inform your strategy, identify patterns and analyze performance. Using AI, you can help encourage engagement by using this data to assess your audience’s preferences and tailor your targeting and content so that they align.

  • content-support

    Content Support

    While AI should not replace individual creativity, unique messaging or testimonial content, it can be a useful tool to help support a brainstorm, generate personalized content and inject new creative ideas into your campaign.

2. The Uncertainty of X

When 2023 began, no one was certain if Twitter would make it through the year and technically, Twitter didn’t! Now rebranded as X, the platform remains but changes in advertising policies, verified account status, algorithm and link design have changed the user experience – not to mention the polarizing nature of the boss himself. Throughout the year, major advertisers – Disney, Apple, Netflix and Coca-Cola to name a few – have either left the platform or significantly cut back on spending.

Depending on your audience, X can still prove useful, but other social media platforms may provide more value and brand safety. Across demographics, Facebook (3.03 billion monthly average users, or MAUs), YouTube (2.5 billion MAUs), Instagram (2 billion MAUs) and TikTok (1.05 billion MAUs) see the most users turning to them for regular news updates outside of X. In the year ahead, communicators should keep these platforms top of mind while also looking into other platforms popular for niche audiences or conversations, like LinkedIn, Nextdoor and Reddit. 

Amidst the chaos, social media is still leading the way and digital is more important than ever in influencing key audiences.

3. Video Content is King

As seen in the latest Pew research, video-preferred social platforms are among the top resources for news consumers, which means it’s important for communicators to meet them where they are. YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are changing how organizations can connect and engage with audiences through short form and personalized video experiences. As the impact of video continues to rise, it is influencing advertising trends across the digital landscape, increasing the importance of streaming and connected TV, virtual events and social media.

The Adfero POV

While it’s hard to predict when and how the “next big thing” will come onto the scene, we feel confident these trends from 2023 won’t be going away any time soon. AI, social media and video content will continue to dominate the digital communication space and you don’t want to be left behind.

As trends come and go and we shift strategy to meet them, the important thing to remember is that no matter the tactic, it’s critical to stay true to your brand and messaging – consistency is key.

Maggie Allard

About the Author

As a vice president and head of Adfero’s Energy and Sustainability Practice, Maggie leads her teams to unique solutions through integrated campaigns across paid and earned media, content strategy and executive positioning.  She excels at delivering creative strategies to reach communications goals and building strong relationships with her clients.

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