Building a Successful Workplace Culture

By Darren Scher, CEO

After nearly twenty years as a firm, Adfero has always been a special place to work, and at the heart of it all is our talented and driven team. Through growth spurts, new client wins, a global pandemic, and most recently, the loss of our Founder, Jeff Mascott, our dedicated people have upheld our values and pulled each other through, in both good and challenging times. 

Today is another company milestone, as I am proud to announce Adero has been named one of Inc.’s 2024 Best Workplaces.

collage of Adfero employees

Successful professional services firms know that people are their strongest assets. That is the prime reason we take such pride in creating a values-based environment where individuals can thrive and grow. When thinking about what makes Adfero a successful workplace, people are at the core, and motivating each other to embody our company culture and value system is integral to our success. Showcased by anonymous Adfero team submissions to the Inc. Best Workplaces survey, here are three key ways we inspire each other day in and day out.

1. Show, and tell, team members they are valued.

“Adfero is an exciting work environment filled with highly skilled, respectful and motivated people. I feel valued here and when I go above and beyond, I am recognized and rewarded – not just expected to do so.”

While hard work and dedication is expected, it does not go unnoticed. Managers and senior leadership value each individual team member and consistently show their appreciation through in the moment shout outs, new and different work opportunities, frequent positive and constructive feedback and transparent growth and career path conversations. It is not enough to tell people they are valued, but to back up words with actions and opportunities.

2. Give people opportunities to excel.

“Adfero provides opportunities for people to do what they do best and supports each employee along the way to determine what that looks like, and how their role can best be tailored, to fit each individual’s skills, interests and abilities.”

At Adfero, our managers are driven by our core purpose of creating opportunities for people to do what they do best. Weekly one-on-one conversations, with managers and their reports, are not only spent reviewing the week’s assignments but also sharing honest feedback and discussing trends, interests and goals. By focusing on each individuals’ unique strengths and abilities, we see the best outcome for both the individual and for our teams at-large.

3. Hold each other accountable.

“It’s a place built on integrity, respect and hard work and that is modeled through staff from top to bottom, team to team.”

Our four core values – Harambee; learn from mistakes, strive to improve; be responsible for results; respect the dignity of every person and the abilities of each individual – are not just words on our website but define the behaviors that we expect of each other. Adfero team members bring these values to life each day, whether that’s through recruitment efforts, brainstorming, client work or team bonding, and we hold each other accountable when those values are not on display.


Photo of Adfero's values wall

Each day, the Adfero team comes together to do great work, bolstered by our commitment to our core values and a deep sense of collaboration and teamwork. This mindset creates opportunities for our team members to do what they do best, regardless of role or level. Our success as a workplace isn’t defined by one person but by the sum of each individual’s dedication and contribution toward making Adfero a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Adfero isn’t just a great place to work, but is made up of great people to work with. As I approach my 20th year with the company, I’m proud of how far we’ve come, and even more energized to see what’s next. Congrats, team Adfero!


Darren Scher

About the Author

Darren, who joined Adfero in 2005, has worn many hats to help grow Adfero into the strategic communications and public affairs firm it is today. He served as Adfero’s Director of Interactive Services, building the firm’s web development capabilities, and later, Chief Operating Officer, where he led day-to-day business operations. He is known among Adfero staff and longtime clients and friends of the firm as a champion of Adfero’s often touted core purpose: To create opportunities for people to do what they do best.

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