Controlling the Narrative

American Council of Life Insurers


Throughout the country, many families and individuals know all too well the burden of unexpected medical costs. When life takes a sudden turn, Americans should not have to choose between managing the crisis and protecting their savings. 

Supplemental Benefits are the safeguards employers and households need. The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) needed to educate and engage policymakers on the value of supplemental benefits, shifting their perception of these benefits so every American can be prepared for the unexpected.


Adfero helped ACLI reach key audiences to reinforce the value of supplemental benefits through the launch of an intentionally focused social media campaign, framing supplemental benefits as a complement – rather than a replacement as they are often thought of – to major medical insurance. 

Meeting Key Audiences Directly Where They’re At

ACLI reached policymakers, regulators and employees directly where they are at through Completing Life’s Puzzle, a digital campaign utilizing paid content on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and corresponding organic content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Adfero tailored copy for the variety of platforms to ensure audiences heard ACLI’s message loud and clear. The team employed family-centered messaging by positioning supplemental benefits as a solution to alleviate financial stress, speaking to the value of supplemental benefits when paired with family budgets and unexpected health challenges, and highlighting the benefits of allowing employers to offer supplemental benefits to their employees.

Both paid and organic content drove users to the supplemental benefits advocacy webpage where they could learn more about this call to action. Throughout the campaign, Adfero employed a variety of additional tactics to further visibility among policymakers and those who influence them, including sharing timely and relevant news articles and partner resources, utilizing key moments from ACLI members to amplify insights and increase engagement, optimizing content by taking advantage of hashtags and keywords that performed well on specific platforms, and developing an assortment of motion and static creatives that included both illustrations and stock photography.

ACLI Social


Adfero’s strategic planning and execution allowed ACLI to successfully reach and engage target audiences with messaging about supplemental benefits, drive home the importance that these benefits bring families, employers and employees, and contribute to a change in policymakers’ perception of the benefits. 

Across platforms, paid advertising resulted in the following:

  • 4,014,202 impressions
  • 95,180 clicks
  • 1,239,145 engagements
  • 1,738,196 video views

Organic content served as a secondary driver of awareness and traffic, garnering increased comments, likes and profile visits throughout the campaign.

Paid advertising on Twitter, Meta and YouTube drove ACLI’s supplemental benefits advocacy webpage to experience a 90% increase in monthly pageviews in the first six months of the campaign, increasing from 1,487 pageviews in the first month to 16,090 pageviews in the sixth month. 

With a focus on community and assisting others in times of need, Adfero helped ACLI curb the “junk insurance” narrative and advocate for the well-being of individuals throughout the country.