Homeowners in front of their house.

Driving Home a Message

National Association of Realtors

62 percent of Americans are linked by one powerful, shared experience: owning a home.

But despite this connection, homeowners haven't always seen each other as allies.

The National Association of Realtors is set on changing that mindset and came to Adfero for a strategy to unite homeowners around their common values turning neighbors into partners in advocacy.

For National Homeownership Month in June, Adfero created a campaign that not only spoke to homeowners, it made them the hero of their own stories. The simple, winning theme, #HomeownerHero, was the foundation for dozens of pieces of original content shared across the web over four weeks.

Adfero introduced Americans to #HomeownerHero with an inspirational video and a series of social memes that called out homeownership victories both large and small: from mowing the lawn to voting for city council.

As the week progressed, homeowners and Realtors made the campaign their own, taking the hashtag, campaign video and images and posting them on Facebook and Twitter, often adding their own personal photos and stories to the mix.

The celebration of homeowner pride was both personal and profound, as the campaign also reflected on milestones in the history of American homeownership and profiled policymakers who have championed policies including tax incentives and community improvement projects.

Millions were reached and hundreds of homeowners signed up to become advocates with Homeownership Matters, NAR's grassroots program, making this year's celebration of Homeownership Month the most successful to date.