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Positioning A Global Brand


A global biopharmaceutical company needed state-side recognition.

To grow brand awareness for the Brussels-based company, UCB, Adfero developed a network of relevant social influencers in the United States.

With a story to tell about patient-focused medicines treating neurological and immunological diseases, UCB had a compelling case for attention. But company leaders knew they didn’t have the digital foothold or brand support among their industry peers in the United States. Although UCB had a U.S.-based website, the company turned to Adfero to spread the word and promote its presence.

Adfero understood that a company’s brand awareness and reputation are critical components of its influence in U.S. social communities. This understanding fueled a strategy to engage specific influencer groups through niche targeting on social channels. To provide a vehicle for interactions, Adfero created the Twitter handle @UCBUSA.

Through platform-specific advertising objectives, Adfero perfected the balance of engagement, web traffic and community focused campaigns to jumpstart UCB’s influence and reputation.

At the end of the three-month execution timeline, @UCBUSA had gained 5,000+ followers—almost a ten-fold increase from the original follower count at the campaign’s onset. Furthermore, UCB averaged eight social mentions per day in the United States for the campaign’s entirety.

Where there had been minimal domestic awareness of UCB’s brand, there was now recognition and influence resulting from the targeted digital strategy campaigns. The infrastructure now exists for UCB to continue sharing stories of innovative patient medicines with American audiences.