When Show and Tell Isn't Enough


How do you get policymakers to care about medical devices?

Have them walk a mile - or at least a few laps around the Rayburn Gold Room - in the patient's shoes.

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) needed lawmakers to understand why members of the medical device industry must be included in health policy conversations. Adfero transformed AdvaMed's medical technology showcase into an immersive experience to tell the story of patients and medical devices in a meaningful way.

Most legislators have felt the healing touch of a doctor. But few have experienced the instant pain relief of a spinal cord stimulator. To help policymakers understand how medical devices improve the lives of everyday Americans, Adfero crafted patient journeys for attendees to follow during the showcase.

Policymakers, Hill staff and members of the media each assumed a patient identity for the evening. These patient experiences humanized cutting-edge medical technology and demonstrated its power to solve major healthcare challenges. It wasn't enough to show what medical devices can do. Event attendees needed to explore and experience these life-saving technologies for themselves.

The authentic experience Adfero brought to AdvaMed's showcase helped raise the profile of the medical technology industry. More than 150 influential attendees discovered firsthand how medical devices are changing - and saving - people's lives.